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1:1 Online Spanish lessons for kids

Learning a new language is rewarding at any age, but children benefit from learning a second language at a very young age. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, speakers benefit from being able to communicate with many people around the world making all these places accessible and open a world of opportunity

Online Spanish book club for kids

It´s a space where kids get involved with the language in a creative way, using Spanish to discuss about all kinds of stories in small groups while Practice their Spanish reading skills. The club is hosted by Zoom and our native Spanish teachers, will feature vocabulary, games, and more.  You decide how your children will participate. Once a week, a month or twice a month.

1:1 Online Spanish lessons for adults

Once you have decided to make the commitment to becoming fluent in Spanish, one of the best ways to start learning it quickly is to immerse yourself in it. and at  charlemos we create an  online  program based on one-on-one Spanish lessons, learning Spanish through the culture making you start using and practicing new vocabulary and expressions  from different Spanish-speaking regions .

1:1 Online Spanish group activities

This is the best way students can practice and use the language.
In these fun group activities kids and teens get to practice Spanish by doing.
– Cooking activities
– Handcrafts
– Science experiments
– Art projects

   and more!

What is Charlemos in Spanish about?

Charlemos in Spanish wants to keep students involved in Spanish in a fun way and also make them enjoy the process of becoming fluent in this second language by using reading, speaking, writing and listening activities.

Professional services

We are committed to the quality of learning provided in our classes. Your child will learn the correct pronunciation and intonation with native Spanish language teachers, making  every interaction a positive and fun experience.

Students will find a dedicated , fun and supportive teacher, in order they feel comfortable seeking help every time they need it.


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