Mely is a great teacher. She is friendly, attentive and easy to understand. She always tries her best to introduce words and phrases that people actually use in everyday Spanish rather than just sound like a book. I would recommend the conversation club to anyone and everyone who is looking to improve not only their speaking skills but vocab and grammar! Mely covers a topic each week that is different from previous so you get exposure to a lot of different vocab. The class is comfortable and easy going with Mely and her smile guiding the way!

United States

Love working with Mely! I am a B2 Learner have some anxieties around speaking and she is so calm and encouraging during our sessions. She is also very relatable which I love because it feels like I am talking to my friend about topics I would actually want to talk to my friends about. Everything I have learned thus far I can use in everyday life. The sessions are rich in vocabulary and in context. She incorporates videos, news reports, tv shows, colloquialisms, slang, news, tv clips, that you would actually encounter in real life. Also, her videos on Instagram aren’t repeated in lessons which is something I feel Is important because I feel like she really tries to reach her students in a number of ways. I have definitely felt more confident speaking and using my Spanish while working with her


I really like the conversation classes with Mely. I believe my Spanish has greatly improved .. I recently went on a trip to Spain and I am now able to understand most and to talk to people in Spanish. Mely is an excellent teacher , she is engaging, patient , and her classes are really fun . I highly recommend!


J aime beaucoup les cours de conversation avec Mely. Je crois que mon espagnol s est grandement amélioré. J ai recemment fait un voyage en Espagne et je suis maintenant capable de comprendre la plupart des gens et de parler aux gens en espagnol. Mely est une excellente enseignante elle est engageante patiente et ses cours sont vraiment amusants
Je recommande fortement

I am grateful for having a very patient Spanish instructor. Alexandra encourages me to speak and I learn from her corrections. She uses a variety of resources and tries to give examples on a personal level which is more relatable. She’s chill and simply amazing!