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Charlemos in Spanish

Our mission

In Charlemos in Spanish we know how important it is to keep students involved in learning a second language. Knowing that, we decided to start this program with a simple goal: To keep students involved in Spanish in a fun way and make them enjoy the process of becoming fluent in Spanish by using reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.


Founder and teacher

A teacher with a bachelor  degree in foreign languages with 10 years of experience teaching english  and spanish to kids, teens and adults. In english institutions, bilingual schools and one Spanish inmmersion school.

– Mely Asprilla



Our News & word practice

The word “Mañana” in Spanish

The word "Mañana" in Spanish  Homonym words are those words that have the same pronunciation or sound, but have a different meaning or refer to a different thing. La mañana = morning. Mañana= tomorrow. En la mañana=in the morning Mañana por la mañana=tomorrow...