How to practice a second language at home.

how to practice

A second language at home.

This time I want to name a couple of resources, tips and  some simple, inexpensive ideas to practice a second language with kids at home. You  can you can use them right away to bring Spanish among other languages into your home.

Free online resources

Music, videos and online games are excellent ways to practice a second language, you can choose to listen on YouTube about : food, colors, animals. Etc vocabulary to listen in the car or while your kid is playing or doing some crafts.

Apps : there are many options for different levels and different languages these handy digital tools can teach kids of all ages a new language, starting with the basics. Some allow kids to switch back and forth between languages. Others help kids build vocabulary a few words at a time. And many use songs and games to make learning a new language more fun, some of them are:
1. Duolingo
2. Lingokids
3. Gus on the go
4. SSB kids
5. Rosetta Stone kids Lingo letter sounds
6. Stories by Gus on the Go
7. Kids learn Mandarin

You can find some great free classes on YouTube, or fun shows that introduce kids and teens to a second language learning .
Podcasts are another excellent way to practice a second language. They are also perfect for busy families, or something to turn on while little hands are busy coloring or doing puzzles.

Make a vocabulary book

This is a creative way kids have seen all the vocabulary they have learned, It helps also to have one central place for any worksheets, vocabulary cards, or games. A simple notebook system can help keep you on track!

– A simple dictionary or pictionary with drawing and coloring.
– An animals book.
Also if they have enough vocabulary they can create their own picture book.

Reading Time

Reading together is a perfect way to learn very beginning words or develop semi-fluent kids even more. You can slip a reading time into your nighttime reading basket. You can also make a craft with your kids after you finish the book.
Some books in Spanish I really like are:
– El gato gordo de dragón
– Por favor señor Panda
– La Oruga hambrienta
– Oso pardo
– ¿Eres mi mamá?

Movement activities

Get everyone up and moving as you learn new words, sing songs, or play games. Movement helps kids get more excited about learning. Activities such as : Zumba, just dance, Yoga for kids, puppets show, and games like (guess the animal) among other are great activities when it comes to learning and have fun.

I hope these ideas were helpful to you to start practice a second language. If you have more ideas, or want to tell your experience doing these activities let us know in the comments below.